I provide online psychotherapy to adults, children families, and couples, specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of issues affecting daily life. 


In my work with adults, I treat depression, anxiety, and trauma, as well as less severe mood disorders arising from losses, life transitions and a variety of different stressors.

In my work with children, I provide a trusting, empathic, and safe space where we address and process difficult emotions which trigger behaviors that interfere with the family and academic environment. I firmly believe that treatment is a collaborative effort between the child, therapist, and family. I will honor your perspective as the person who knows your child best so that we can work together towards healing and restoration of your child's emotional well-being.


In my work with families, I focus on issues that interfere with parent/child and sibling relationships, problems that cause friction between family members, such as obstacles to communication and trust, as well as generational conflict and issues of acculturation. 


In my work with couples, I focus on issues of communication and trust, and help explore and define current dysfunctional relationship patterns stemming from past traumas that might be causing obstacles to intimacy.

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